Our Christmas Trees & Wreaths

Tree Origins

Worrells Trees carefully selects and sells trees from the 2 best tree farms in Virginia and North Carolina:

Worrells has retained its contract with these two growers for over 20 years, which enables us to purchase only Grade 1 Trees — the highest quality tree available in the market. Per our contracts with each grower, our trees are harvested no more than 48 hours before shipping, which ensures peak freshness when they get to our lot. We only provide the highest level of care from the time the trees are cut till the time we sell them on our lot.

How long does it take to grow a Christmas Tree? It takes an average of 6 – 15 years to grow a tree in the size range we normally sell them at. During its growth, the tree is carefully pruned and cared for in order to achieve the classic shape and density our customers expect. This is Worrells Trees competitive advantage.

Keys to ensuring maximum freshness

  • When Worrells receives the trees, we keep them wrapped in twine to preserve moisture
  • During storage, Worrells protects its trees by keeping them covered in nursery fabric to keep the trees cool and protected from the sun
  • Customers should purchase their tree as early in the season as possible
  • Worrells will make a fresh cut on the base of the tree after purchase
  • Worrells will help safely load your tree — and bag it, if necessary — to help protect it during the ride home
  • The Customer should place the tree in a water-bearing tree stand as soon as possible
  • Check the water level frequently and add 1 common aspirin during each refill

This process will keep the trunk from splitting and keep your tree fresh and vibrant throughout the Christmas season.

Our Inventory

We primarily sell the most popular Christmas Tree in our lot: the ubiquitous Frasier Fir.

  • Tree sizes available:
    • 6′ – 7′
    • 7′ – 8′
    • 8′ – 9′
    • 9′ – 10′

We also sell:

  • An assortment of 12-inch Frasier Fir Wreaths
  • Lengths of White Pine roping
  • Competitvely priced water-bearing tree stands for various sized-trees. Believe it or not, our tree stands are about 10-15% below what you find at major hardware stores. 
  • Special orders. We can order different styles of trees and/or different sizes if you are looking for something special, we can special order it for you on our Contact Us page. Simply use the form to describe what you are looking for and we will be happy to assist.

PLEASE NOTE: We only accept cash and checks.

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